With 2 Locations to choose from on the South End Of Grand Lake, Oklahoma Dream Catcher Point Resort Properties only offers the best in accommodations.

It’s authentically gorgeous. It’s delicately secluded. It is without question not your conventional destination point.

Dream Catcher Point Resort is nestled upon the shores of Northeast Oklahoma’s most impressive treasure, Grand Lake. Both Dream Catcher Point locations are stunning in  simplicity and their a one-of-a-kind abundance of splendor. Clearly, many of the resort’s amenities are provided by its natural surroundings. A tender slope that befriends the reflective lake waters is complemented by two cascading waterfalls that creates a unique, comforting aquatic landscape. This atmosphere is significantly enhanced by a floral kaleidoscope of over 20,000 flowers that produce a seasonal artistic display from spring through the fall months. This magnificent setting was designed with great thought and care so that guests of the resorts could put their own thoughts away and heed the welcoming ambiance.

Located about an hour’s drive from Tulsa, Dream Catcher Point Resort Properties are ideal lakefront getaway spot for the whole family. But in addition, nothing really compares to the resorts locations when it comes to its appeal as a radiant, relaxing romantic escape or dream wedding destination. Assuredly, your first outing to Dream Catcher Point will not be your last.